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Membership Agreement


Welcome to Washington Golf & Country Club (WGCC).  We are happy to have you as a member of our club and hope that we will enjoy a long relationship of golf and fellowship.  This document constitutes the “Washington Golf & Country Club Membership Agreement.” Joining WGCC signifies your acceptance of this agreement.


The following information highlights the privileges and membership fees for Washington Golf and Country Club members.



Membership Privileges

  • Members have access to unlimited golf with no green fees (tournaments excluded).

  • Members may bring guests that live outside the 7 mile radius of the WGCC but they will be subject to green fees.

  • Members receive discounted rates on clubhouse rental.

  • WGCC offers league play, tournaments, and member activities for all to enjoy.

  • Unlimited use of driving range.


Membership Levels & Fees

WGCC offers a variety of membership levels to meet your needs.

Membership Level:                                                Annual Dues (this includes tax)

Family (you, your spouse & minor children)                                          $1028

Graduated Family (you, your spouse (age 19-35), and minor children)  $673

Single                                                                                                       $909

Senior (age 65+) **                                                                                 $672

Graduated Single (19 – 35 year olds)                                                      $557

Junior** (under age 18, parents are not members)                                  $206

College**                                                                                                 $206

(enrolled in college or trade program for upcoming fall-up to age 23) 


              **Not subject to initiation fee payment        


Initiation Fee: includes tax and non- refundable      

$600 per membership (Family & Single);  $200 per Graduate Single/Family membership. This $200 will be put towards full initiation fee that is due upon reaching age 36, with purchase of a Family/Single membership.



Carts & Storage: includes tax           

All members are able to rent one cart space (per cart shed agreement), provided space is available in cart shed.

Storage Fee      $206 annually

Trail Fee          $82 annually

The Course is restricted to membership and the Clubhouse is open to the public.  All applications for membership should be submitted to clubhouse staff.  Application can be found on website, by clicking the PDF button on the left or picked up at the Clubhouse.  All payment for dues must be by ACH withdrawal. If you have questions please email at or call 319-653-2080.

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